Wonderful Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage

Wonderful Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage


Hot stone Massage has been a magic word for those who need it. It used to be a luxurious service for the upper-class. However, nowadays, people can afford to pay for a spa now thanks to the global economic development and the competition in the industry keeps the prices low. For those who know about spas, hot stone massage will be absolutely on their lists. What makes this service that popular, Tran Spa will describe it clearly in the post below.

1. Stone can solve all human problems no matter what they are

Stones are a part of the mother earth, they contain many healing and negativity “vacuuming” particles. Stones have had many practices in our life since the Stone Age. Different stones are used for different purposes: sedimentary for building, gravels for decoration, valuable stone like ruby, diamond, for adornment, etc. However these are not enough for a standard massage stone.

1.1. Which stone can be used for spas?

It has to be carefully chosen since it contacts human skin directly. Each stone has a size suitable for different parts of the body. The origins of the stones are from volcanic eruption, so-called Bazan soil, which gives them round shape with very tiny holes, no sharp edge or rough surfaces. The Bazan soils are black or grey and has the benefit of absorbing natural energy. In addition, natural stones have negative ions, which have strong oxidation destroying bacteria and neutralize positive ions in harming body cells. The little holes also suck toxins out of your body. Therefore, it is the perfect stone for a spa.

Stones for spa are natural Bazan soil
Stones for spa are natural Bazan soil

1.2. What is a hot stone massage?

A hot stone massage is heated Bazan stone’s pattern of skillful movements combined with their placement on the body. This massage uses heat to warm up and comfort tense muscles with force created by the therapists through the stone to your skin. This will help reduce aches and pains, increase body energy and eliminate toxic elements.

1.3. Special technique

The secret behind this technique is the ideal temperature of the stones and movements of the therapists. For the Japanese Tea Tradition, making tea is considered a form of art. For hot stone massage, heating stone is quintessence. The stones are heated in a stock pot up to 130 – 145 Celsius degrees, then it is taken out and put in water to cool down until it reaches an appropriate temperature before it is placed on the customer’s body. The body is warmed up with gentle massage before the therapists use 3 sides of the stone (edge and 2 flat faces), 2 stones at a time, and change their direction continuously to maintain the heat till the rock cools down to a certain level. After that, half-cooled stones will be put along the backbone.

Stones with different sizes for different parts of the body
Stones with different sizes for different parts of the body

2. From hot stone to good health

Obviously, health is important and if you ignored it for a long period of time, it could be decreased. A spa at the end of the day or week will help you recover your inner strength. Hot stone spa is nearly the same as Swedish massage, therefore, everyone can place it in your to-do list. There are many benefits listed below you can gain from hot stones spa.

2.1. Reduce pain

Hot stone massage will help reduce chronic pain which is usually caused by long-time untreated tight muscle. These tensions result from sitting too much in the wrong positions, working at the office, … Sometimes these pains are the effect of injuries in sport or carrying heavy objects. The heat will calm the tense muscle and force created by the therapist going through the stone will loosen the tightness.

2.2. Reduce stress

In our modern society, stress is unavoidable. They exist in all periods of our lives from school to work or even at home. The effect of stress can be light or strong depending on the level everyone can endure. Some people can carry serious coping behaviors or even suffer with untreated depression. That is why we have come up with a variety of entertainment for stress including music, shopping, playing games, festivals, etc. And hot stone therapy is the best choice where you lie down, chill out and let your body and mind relax.

Massage with hot stone reduces pain and stress significantly
Massage with hot stone reduces pain and stress significantly

2.3. Cure injuries

Some injuries are the consequences of autoimmune disease, such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus. Fibromyalgia causes chronic pain which expands to the surrounding area through time. According to research in 2002, patients with fibromyalgia who have a massage in 30 minutes can sleep longer than those who don’t, and the level of pain will be immensely reduced. These symptoms can be lessened, and the situation improved just with the benefit of massage.

2.4. Improve sleep

The effect of 15 minutes back massage improves sleep significantly. Not only adults but also children also receive this fantastic benefit. Due to the regulation of blood circulation, the body gets its needs for stay at the resting position longer and deeper.

2.5. Improve health

The hot stone therapy recovers your health physically and mentally. It affects your muscle and joint directly with force and heat which will increase the blood to these parts. Hence, your muscles will get stronger, your joints become more flexible. Thanks to the relaxation created during the spa, your mind refreshes.

2.6. Lengthen life-span

When your health and your sleep are improved and your pains, stress, injuries are immensely reduced. Your life expectancy will be increased and definitely your life will be prolonged.

The technique is comfortable and has many benefits
The technique is comfortable and has many benefits

3. Things to keep in mind for a good spa section

  • Be careful if you are pregnant, especially in the first three months (1st trimester). Mothers who have weaker physical condition also should not do hot stone massage. During the pregnancy, the mother’s body will be under a huge pressure from the baby. However, some parts like legs, back, head and shoulder, hands which really needs massage can also be treated separately to reduces the swollen and pain.
  • In addition, if you have a bad health condition like thrombocytopenia, diabetes, skin burns,…, you should inform the therapists beforehand to get good advice to know whether a hot stone massage is suitable for you or not.
Enjoy your relaxation with trustful spa center
Enjoy your relaxation with trustful spa center
  • We hope you have a good understanding of this service and enjoy your spa day at Tran Spa with the hot stone massage section.


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