Deep Tissue Massage And Its Amazing Benefits

Deep Tissue Massage And Its Amazing Benefits


Since a long time ago, people have used massage as a treatment therapy. In the East, they invented acupuncture massage. Thanks to the accurate force to major positions, the method directly affects related parts of the body to that point, even organs. Similarly, in the West, deep tissue massage has appeared with alike effects. It applies force to your muscle and tissue rather than acupuncture and still brings the same benefit. Today, Tran Spa will show you the specialties in this therapy.

1. What makes Deep tissue massage special

It is one of the newest techniques. It was developed by Therese Pfrimmer in 1940 to cure her leg paralysis. She realized that when she used more strength, her muscles reacted more. After a period of time, her condition had positive results. She then opened school and taught this method widely. This method has proved its importance in human life.

Deep tissue massage has proved its importance in human life
Deep tissue massage has proved its importance in human life

1.1. What is deep tissue reflexology?

Deep tissue massage has most of the movement like stoke, glide, the same as Swedish massage, however, more force would be applied. These movements have a direct impact on deeper structure of muscle, which is also known as connective tissue.

As this technique is usually used to treat chronic pain, therapists must be experienced and professional at the technique which determines the results of the therapy.

1.2. Technique defines all

The process includes a few steps:

  • Before starting, the therapist will ask you where the problem is. Acknowledging the areas that need treatment, the therapist will use suitable methods. You can have a full-body spa or just specific area depending on the time and your requirements.
  • After you are ready, you will take off your clothes and reveal the treatment area. With sensitive parts, a clean towel will be given. The right position is lying face downwards or upwards on the massage table.
  • Then, the therapist will slightly massage to warm up your muscle before using more force to the appointed area. The special technique when performing this method is to use force from the elbows, forearms and hands to apply strength and move slowly along the area. Additionally, in some cases, extra tools such as cupping are used to increase the effect of force into the deep muscles.

1.3. Who can choose this method?

Deep tissue reflexology is perfect with most people, especially athletes or office workers. These people often face chronic pain on important muscles groups that cause difficulty in movement and annoyance like neck, back, leg,….

This method is sometimes recognized as a little uncomfortably painful, therefore children, elders, expecting moms or sensitive people should think carefully when deciding the service.

1.4. When is the best time for a massage?

Once or twice a month is the recommended answer, but for those who have injuries, the constant frequency can change to maximize the advantages from the massage method.  

People go to a spa regularly on weekends or at the end of the day when they have a lot of free time or when they feel unwell. In addition, whenever you need to relax or reduce tension. Even if you do not have signs of illness, you should go for a massage sometimes for a self-care day. A great choice to love yourself a little more. 

2. Alternative benefits of deep tissue massage

Deep tissue reflexology has a lot of astounding benefits. It both takes care of you physically and mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Unlike other massage techniques that mainly focus on relaxation, it is a therapeutic method which is mainly used for treatment.

Deep massage tissue takes care of you physically and mentally.
Deep massage tissue takes care of you physically and mentally.

2.1. Heal your body

  • First of all, deep massage therapy provides ultimate relaxation to your body. It removes tight and aches muscles which are overbearing for your body.
  • This massage can break down scar tissue and cause swelling inside which limit tissue motion range as well as cause inflammation making it difficult for blood to circulate. These are the main reasons for the pain.
  • In addition, deep tissue massage also helps to support the treatment of cases: Sports injuries, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, high blood pressure, elbow injuries, ….
  • Musculoskeletal can be prevented from degeneracy.

2.2. Nurture your mental health

  • The mind will be calmed down when all the pain has diminished. You can create a fulfilling life when you are healthy and energetic.

  • Your sleep can also be improved when all the stiffness has been removed and regular blood circulation.

    Adrenaline will emit during the deep massage therapy which can significantly reduce your worries and stress. Long – lasting worry results in depression which is a dangerous symptom for your mental health.

    The body produces good hormone during the therapy, including:

    • Serotonin: It is a neurotransmitter. Lack of serotonin can cause serious depression, Alzheimer and memory loss. This chemical is usually produced by our body naturally, sometimes through exercises and nutrition, but scientists are researching furthermore.
    • Oxytocin: This is stress – reduce hormone which cuts down on cortisol – a hormone causing depression and worry. Oxytocin helps maintain social bonds in humans and encourages cooperative behavior. Side note, the hormone improves human memories.
The body produces good hormones during the massage therapy
The body produces good hormones during the massage therapy

3. Some side-effect and reminder beforehand

  • After deep tissue massage, patients can endure pain due to the strong forces during the treatment section. With first time customers, do not be worried, it is normal if you have some marks. After a few days you will no longer feel the pain and the benefit will surprise you. Hot compress or cold compress can be used to decrease the aches. The pain loosen after your body are used to the treatment.
  • For pregnant mothers, massage helps reduce pain when giving birth, reduces anxiety and makes the physical movement more flexible stronger thanks to blood circulation improvement. However, mothers should receive advice from therapists.
  • Finally, asking for advice from your doctors when you have a special health condition to avoid unexpected consequences when taking a massage is not a bad idea.
Massage helps expecting mothers to reduce pain in labor
Massage helps expecting mothers to reduce pain in labor

Deep tissue massage is well worth it to try at least once in a lifetime. A high-quality section from 30 minutes to 2 hours at Tran Spa will bring you more than just satisfaction.



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